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Poglejte polno različico : Ultimativna zbirka forumskih karakterjev

09.02.2006, 18:24
Tole je pa ena ab-fab stran.. zbrani opisi karakterjev, ki se zbirajo po raznoraznih forumih, torej tud na SiOLu. Kr precej jih je, sem pa skoraj za vsakega našla vsaj enega forumaša, ki je točno tak.

poglejte in se najdite (http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/index.htm)

jaz sem se seveda našla v superkul karakterju Big cat oz Vlka mačka:


Big Cat would rather not fight...he enjoys peacefully observing forum conversations and laconically participates when the moods strikes. He playfully chases interesting threads, and from time to time uses a Newbie or Propellerhead as a convenient scratching post. He enjoys being stroked or petted, and tends to purr loudly.

CAUTION: Don't be fooled by his fuzzy, playful exterior. When provoked, Big Cat reacts with lightning speed and almost always lands on his feet after an attack. Big Cat often indulges himself by toying with his victim before delivering his lethal blows.

Kdo ste pa vi? Če se ne boste našli sami, vam brez problema sama najdem ustrezen opis :cool:

09.02.2006, 18:35
u bistvi so vsi kr neki... jst se ne najdem nikjer. un mačk od tune bi bil taprav, sam jst mam zaenkrat še premal kg


In bygone days Ents roamed an internet paradise of purposeful forums, but in recent times Ents have grown quiet. Indeed, Ents are so rarely heard from these days that netizens have begun to doubt that they ever existed. Being privy to the secrets of the ancients Ents are an extremely powerful Warriors, and are all the more so because of the veneration in which they are held. Warriors who chop and burn an Ent in battle will not earn glory, but will instead incite the enmity of the entire forum.

09.02.2006, 18:41
no dej...men se ne da :)

ups, se mi je ful zdelo, da je to korenje rekel :shy:

se pardoniram in takoj popravljam:


Grunter always reponds to discussion forum messages with a single word or a short phrase, and he NEVER edits quoted material. Profundus Maximus (http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/warriorshtm/profundusmaximus.htm), Philosopher (http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/warriorshtm/philosopher.htm), Tireless Rebutter, (http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/warriorshtm/tirelessrebutter.htm) and other verbose Warriors find Grunter a particularly exasperating opponent because he will answer their lengthy pontifications with a simple "Yeah!". "Get a life.", "Whatever", "I agree." "Wrong.", etc. While Grunter is not a strong Warrior, he is very elusive and difficult to engage in direct battle, and only by his extended silence is there any indication that he has been vanquished.

It's so YOU, temp :kisses:

09.02.2006, 18:41
teo, odloči se že :D

09.02.2006, 18:48

09.02.2006, 18:50
Edit by TuNina: vsak SAM sebi poišče opis, razen če dovoli, da to nardi kdo drug. drugač bo spet ratalo eno vlko zmerjanje.

grow up already.

Edit by Teo: jest bi pa sam rad pozdravu mojo mamo in očija! Čau maaami, očiii!:)

Edit by KoReNJe: pol se pa potrud pa najd ta pravga, ne pa najboljsega.

09.02.2006, 22:41
men se tut ne da....some help, maybe? :shy:

10.02.2006, 03:27
It's so YOU, temp :kisses:

...get a life:sleepy:

10.02.2006, 06:44
hehehe http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/Assets/bong.jpg

10.02.2006, 07:39
No vsaj za luka2kja ni bilo problem najdt...


10.02.2006, 08:46
my job description :D :D :D

Admin is the janitor, the cop, the mayor, the judge and sometimes even the forum doctor who tends to Warriors injured in battle - in other words, Nanny on steroids. Because she runs the forum and sets the rules Admin has the power to pull the plug on any Warrior who gets a little too frisky. Sometimes her efforts are appreciated, but like any authority figure she is also resented - especially by Jerk, Evil Clown, Enfant Provocateur, Ego, Rebel Without a Clue, Yuk Yuk, Troller, and other Warriors who would like to turn the forum into their personal playground. Most Admins are generally fair and even handed, but the adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely is as true on the internet as it is anywhere else, and it is a rare Admin who can resist bringing the hammer down if seriously pressed by a determined foe. Sycophant and other suckups will also attach themselves to a strong Admin to form a defensive perimeter around her, and more often than not Admin's enemies will be driven off without her ever having to brandish her ax. CAUTION: Admin is the most powerful of all Warriors and drawing her into direct battle invites almost certain defeat. Rebel Leader does pose a limited threat to Admin's power by fomenting a revolt and causing forum members to jump ship
:rolling: tku da boste vedl :rolling:

mene edino mot, k so sam moški opisi, a ženske pa ne hodjo na net, al kuga zelo čudno je tole :D

10.02.2006, 13:12
...not bad :big::cool:

10.02.2006, 14:15
mene edino mot, k so sam moški opisi, a ženske pa ne hodjo na net, al kuga zelo čudno je tole :D

so tud ženske, ampak po tistih opisih naj bi ble vse forumašice seksulje.. no ja :cool:

10.02.2006, 14:18
so tud ženske, ampak po tistih opisih naj bi ble vse forumašice seksulje.. no ja :cool:

je ze prou napisan:shy: :cool:

10.02.2006, 14:21
eheheh popka, evo smrketo:



10.02.2006, 14:24

CAUTION: Strumpet may be a man.:veryevil:

10.02.2006, 14:26
v bistvu sem pri tem opisu najprej na mdg-ja pomislila :D

10.02.2006, 14:28
v bistvu sem pri tem opisu najprej na mdg-ja pomislila :D

:big: :big: ....ce bi se še izdaju za žensko, bi mu pa res čist ustrezu tale opis:cool:

10.02.2006, 14:58
a sta mene že najdli? :shy:

10.02.2006, 15:10
castor: http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/warriorshtm/godfather.htm :D

10.02.2006, 15:15

10.02.2006, 15:22
še mene :shy:

10.02.2006, 15:28
lenuhi :mad:

10.02.2006, 15:30
ti tko dobr znaš.

10.02.2006, 15:30

če pa počasi berem :angel:

11.02.2006, 15:07

Luka2k (http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/warriorshtm/god.htm)

Luka3k (http://redwing.hutman.net/%7Emreed/warriorshtm/perv.htm)

11.02.2006, 20:29
jest pa ne najdem sebe.:( :sad: :(