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20.08.2006, 18:42
Hello guys, I hope my thread isn't in the wrong place, since I don't understand your beautiful language.

The reason because I write is that yesterday (saturday, august 19th 2006) I "met" a very sweet slowenian girl and I'd really like to contact her, at least to get to know her a little better and to change few words by mail or messenger.

We only had the occasion to flirt and smile to each other for 40 minutes, since we both were coming back on this date from island CRES in Croatia by ferry at around 19.30h. We noticed each others during the queue before entering the ferry. Then unfortunately I could not hand her my mobile number, because her family was around her and I did not want to put her in an uncomfortable situation.

Here the (few) informations I have to find her:

- The date and time of her coming back of holidays on island Cres saturday, august 19th 2006, at around 19.30h); maybe someone knows her and where she has been during vacations; the exact trip was between Porozina (Cres) and Plomin (Istria);

- Her father was driving a wine-red (bordeaux) coloured car. It was a Van, could have been a Citroën. The licence plate was from CE = Celje.

- She must be between 18-24 years old.

- Her hair is dark/middle blond and she was wearing kind of a cream-yellow bandana on her head;

- She was there with her father, red-haired mother and little brother; she wore a white shirt and 3/4 long jeans trousers;

- She wears a necklet (veriga?) with a cristian cross (kriz);

- She has an eye-catching, characteristical birth mark (mothers's mark);

This is all. I know this isn't much to identify a person, but maybe someone knows her and can help me. Any hint on where and how to seek for her is welcome, cause i'd really like to contact her: I can't stop thinking about her, she was really sweet and unique. An angel... ;-)

Thank you very much for any help you can provide!!!

If you want, write me at this email address: s78@gmx.net
The address is for informations as well as for the first contact with "her".

23.08.2006, 06:16
Just get over it.

24.08.2006, 22:16
Go to Celje and ask there

26.08.2006, 19:13
Ok I will.

27.08.2006, 18:48
:) put ad on radio and magazines that young people read.
If you have whole registration plate go to police and ask. maybe they will help you with address.

28.08.2006, 07:48
I got the hint her name could be "Špela". So if you know a girl with this name you could think if she fits my description.

31.12.2006, 13:44
i need help. i am looking for a person who lives in nova gorica and would like to find her phone number. can you give me some web page that could be of help to me? i've been loking on telekom.si but didn't succeed.

Mad Gandhi
31.12.2006, 14:09
Priimek - second name
ime - first name
kraj - city

19.09.2007, 00:32
Verjamem, da imate pogresanih ljudi ze cez glavo... Vsak dan znova je kaksen nov...
Ker Davida poznam in ker vem, da je zelo vredu poba, bi vas zelo lepo prosila ce pogledate link in njegovo sliko... Mogoce ste ga pa kje opazil... Mogoce ga pa se boste...
Prosim.. :(

Tud vi imate koga radi... Vas za koga lahko skrbi...