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Poglejte polno različico : Filipino - Slovenian Big Brother Exchange - a short FAQ on how to use this forum

14.04.2007, 17:23
Below you will find short instructions on how to use these forums. I don't feel like screen-grabbing right now, so you will have to do with the text ;)

How to register and log in

1. Go to http://forumi.siol.net/ and click the 'Registracija' tab. Check the "Prebral/-a sem pravila foruma SiOL.net Forumi in se z njimi v celoti strinjam." checkbox and click 'Registracija'.

2. Enter your desired username under 'Uporabniško ime', password under 'Geslo' and 'Ponovite geslo', your e-mail address under 'Elektronski naslov' and 'Potrdi elektronski naslov' and the CAPTCHA characters under 'Image verification'. Click 'Registrirajte se'.

3. You will receive a verification e-mail to the address you have entered. Find the following line:
Za zaključek registracije, pojdite na naslendji URL:
and click on the link. Your registration is now confirmed and you can start using the forums.

4. If the system somehow logs you out, visit http://forumi.siol.net/ and click the 'Prijava' tab. Enter your username under 'Uporabniško ime' and your password under 'Geslo'. Then click 'Prijava'.

How to post

1. Visit http://forumi.siol.net and log in, if necessary. You can find the official BB Exchange topic on this address: http://forumi.siol.net/showthread.php?t=25502.

2. To post an answer, scroll nearly to the bottom of the last page and click 'Odgovori'. The use of the answer form should be self-explanatory. Click 'Odgovori' to post your answer.

3. You can also use the "quick-reply" form, available at the bottom of the last page. Type in your quick reply and click "Pošlji hiter odgovor".

4. To quote a reply, click the 'Citiraj' button to the right of the reply.


1. If you have a problem registering, logging in or posting, e-mail me at n3uromancer{a t}gmail.com.

2. If you have any other problems, post them in this topic and someone will gladly assist you.

17.04.2007, 14:26
so when i log-in again on this site, where do i go Freya??

17.04.2007, 21:49

Forumi SIOL...>MEDIJI...>Filipino - Slovenian Big Brother Exchange - THE OFFICIAL TOPIC (

18.04.2007, 04:31
Hello again!! How sad it is to see Bruce leaving the Pinoy BB house but i'm excited as well how he will fare in a foreign land.

Welcome to the Philippines Tina! :)

18.04.2007, 08:50
If You go to Nadzorna Plošča (http://forumi.siol.net/usercp.php) and you click Uredi možnosti (http://forumi.siol.net/profile.php?do=editoptions), and then scroll down, you will find option Jezik (at the bottom), there you can instead of Slovenščina choose English for easier use ;)