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Poglejte polno različico : Kvadraticne casovno invariantne transformacije

28.06.2007, 07:58
Prosim, da mi kdo pojasni (v cim bolj preprostih terminih), kaj so omenjene transformacije.

A time-series exhibits second order cyclostationarity in the wide sense if and only if there exists a quadratic time-invariant transformation that converts into spectral lines the hidden periodicities due to some processing...

18.07.2007, 06:34
Gre za tipicno post-moderno dekostrukcijsko formulacijo. Za boljsi (in slavnejsi) primer si poglej: http://www.sablesys.com/sokal.html


Luce Irigaray, in her famous article ``Is the Subject of Science Sexed?'', pointed out that

the mathematical sciences, in the theory of wholes [th'eorie des ensembles ], concern themselves with closed and open spaces They concern themselves very little with the question of the partially open, with wholes that are not clearly delineated [ensembles flous], with any analysis of the problem of borders [bords ] 69

In 1982, when Irigaray's essay first appeared, this was an incisive criticism: differential topology has traditionally privileged the study of what are known technically as ``manifolds without boundary''. However, in the past decade, under the impetus of the feminist critique, some mathematicians have given renewed attention to the theory of ``manifolds with boundary'' [Fr. vari'et'es `a bord ]. 70 Perhaps not coincidentally, it is precisely these manifolds that arise in the new physics of conformal field theory, superstring theory and quantum gravity.

18.07.2007, 07:29
Hvala KNS, ampak to ni tisto, kar sem iskal.

19.07.2007, 03:50
:) Oops, ocitno gre zares za procesiranje signalov. Vcasih naletim na kaksen povsem legitimen abstrakt s tega podrocja (meni predstavlja nujno zlo) in se spomnim na Sokalov clanek - povsem neupraviceno seveda. Veliko srece zelim!