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Poglejte polno različico : Age of biology is here ...

22.04.2008, 11:43
... 6 znanstvenikov se dobi 'na kofetu' na neki kmetiji pa se malo zadebatirajo o nasi verjetni prihodnosti...in nastane e-knjiga "Life-What a concept!"

...sama sem trenutno na strani 40 in se mi zdi kar zanimivo branje...ce slucajno pritegne se koga je tukaj link:


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....en mali odlomek iz strani 39. za pokusino....

The world of microbiology as we've come to know it is based on over a hundred
year old technology of seeing what will grow in culture. Only about a tenth of a
percent of microbiological organisms, will grow in the lab using traditional
techniques. We decided to go straight to the DNA world to shotgun sequence
what's there; using very simple techniques of filtering seawater into different size
fractions, and sequencing everything at once that's in the fractions.

For example, we discovered that almost every microorganism in the upper parts of
the ocean has a photoreceptor similar to the ones in our own eyes. We knew there
were one or two bacterial rhodopsins, but people thought they were rare
molecules; it turns out it's probably one of the largest gene families on the planet.
It's the same gene family that we have in our own eyes — our own rhodopsins,
our visual pigments. Only instead of just capturing light information, these
organisms capture a light, and convert it into cellular energy — non-
photosynthetic, totally separate mechanism.
When we set out to go to the Sargasso Sea surrounding Bermuda, all the marine microbiologists told us nothing
was there, it was a desert, and we’d find only a few organisms. Instead we found
tens of thousands of organisms in just a barrel of seawater. And the reason they
said we wouldn't find anything is that there are no nutrients there; they said there
are no nutrients, therefore there'll be no life. It turns out they don't need the
nutrients because their energy is derived directly from sunlight. <-- jst, bi jo tudi :p

23.04.2008, 18:51
Zanimivo....ampak kljub temu so vseeno raje kofetkali v senci...:clown:


29.05.2008, 10:03
Go to any conference in the USA and you'll find easy chats having a monopoly over research hard talk. There are millions of essays out there every year - get us the data!

03.06.2008, 12:53
Jp jp, zdajle je res pravi čas za študij biologije za tiste, ki jih to zanima do potankosti. Pred pragom genske manipulacije smo. Mapping imamo tako rekoč že pod streho, sedaj moramo samo še narest napravo, ki to lahko dela v real-time in manipulator. Potem bomo pa res samo od sonca živeli tako kot te bakterije. :)