Dlančnik (PDA)

Poglejte polno različico : We need more rice!

20.05.2009, 23:38
A Public Service Announcement, from the Ministry of Rice.

Watch a short film about your rice:


Dear Citizen,

In these times of economic woe and uncertainty we're all looking for heroes. The Biotech Industry led by Bayer, the German chemical giant, have found one for all of us. Its code name is LL62. A genetically modified strain of rice so strong and dependable that it is impervious to the herbicides that lay waste to the weak, natural varieties of rice we're all used to. Amazing!

Too strong to test, LL62 is being brought - barely tried and barely tested - straight to our dinner plates.

To learn more please enjoy this Public Service Announcement.

Please, pass this important announcement along to your friends and family.

Brought to you by:

Your friends in the Biotech Industry,
Making decisions about your food -
from very far away.

21.05.2009, 16:22
še mal pa se bo po svetu sprehajala gruča ljudi-riž ( rice men)

22.05.2009, 14:05
:) sej se že - kitajčki...