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*One & Only*
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Član od: Jul 2003
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Steve Tobin (Finland)

...a few of his thoughts ...

"There is no objective for mankind. There is only each person´s observation of the universe which becomes the indiviudual personalization of the truth. Our culture is moving towards a scientific definition of the universe. There are other equally valid alternative models to help us understand the universe. Science, philosophy and art ask and answers the same questions using different language."
"If for one instant I can catch the viewer off guard with my presentation, the effect of the work may enter the subconcious before reason dissects it." "For that fraction of a second the unreal becomes real. Once this door is opened it can never be closed."

...and a few a his installations...

... 'doors' ... material: cast-glass


...'La Cascade' ...material: glass capillary tubes

...'face' ... glass and bronze

...'Homage al Femme Rouge' ... cast glass