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Privzeto Re: Ali je možno, da sem zasvojena z telovadbo?

Glede na opisano, si zasvojena in že to, da si boš to priznala, je začetek na katerem boš lahko gradila.
Spodaj je nekaj povezav, ki si jih preberi:

Ena od strani priporoča:
"Well, like any addiction, this type of addition needs motivation and encouragement to quit. If you are addicted to exercise or suffer from the above symptoms, talk to someone you trust. Take a break for aerobics and weights for some time. Instead, meditate or take nature walks with family and friends. Take time to do other activities that interest you and spend time with those you have neglected over the years and rebuild these relationships. Finally, keep a journal about your recovery and in it, write your thoughts and your feelings and increase your attention. If you follow these suggestions, you should be on your road to recovery."

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Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.