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Privzeto [Opozorilo!] e-mail SCAM


Pojavlja se e-mail SCAM z naslednjim besedilom:

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Comfirm Your SIOL.NET Webmail Account !!! Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 10:27:01 -0500 From: charlesgrace@wideopenwest.com Reply-To: support.team@jmail.co.za

Dear SIOL.NET Webmail Account Owner,

This message is from SIOL.NET messaging center to all SIOL.NET email
account owners. On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2008, from 5:15 PM until 6:00 AM, all
Mailhub systems will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance. Access to
youre-mail via the Webmail client will be unavailable for some time during
this maintenance window. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail
account center - see homepage. We are deleting all SIOL.NET email account to
create more space for new accounts.

To complete your SIOL.NET Webmail account, you must reply to this email
immediately and enter your CORRECT PASSWORD here (*********) immediately for
upgrading, Failure to do this will immediately render your Email address
here (***************************)deactivated from our database. Once we
have updated your account current records will be sent your Online Account
and your service will not be interrupted and will continue working as normal.

Final Notification, Please Protect Your SIOL.NET Webmail From Being Closed.

You can also confirm your email address by logging into your SIOL.NET
Webmail account at https://webmail.siol.net/

Thank you for using SIOL.NET!

Warning Code:VX2G99AAJ
Case ID is 1578207.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Gre za ocitno potegavscino, res pa je, da nekateri tega ne vedo, ampak vseeno posiljajo podatke (vsaj glede na klice, ki jih prejmemo).

V vednost vam, ter vasim kolegom, ki jih boste opozorili
Lep pozdrav!