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Staro 18.08.2004, 20:31
paradox Uporabnik paradox ni prijavljen
*One & Only*
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Član od: Jul 2003
Sporočila: 11.135

... ah, levicarji ...

...poznano umetnisko delo iz obdobja renesanse (Fontainebleau ...'Gabrielle d'Estrées')...in malo razlage...

... at the French court during the second half of the 16th century... ...presumably two sisters...one makes the crucial gesture of the painting with her left hand... But the other one is also acting lefthandedly, showing us a ring with her left hand...

... the seamstress in the background is performing her tasks lefthanded too. And with that, this painting is unique: it is the only one that is completely lefthanded.

Even more bizarre is what goes on behind the seamstress. The painting on the mantelpiece shows the lower part of a naked body. But look a bit closer. Couldn't that be a left arm, running partly across the torso and disappearing under the strategically positioned loincloth? Is this person masturbating? Masturbating lefthandedly?