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Imam trenutno naložen Kaspersky Internet Security in sem opazil, da mi ne pusti odpreti stran slo-zeleznice.si. Vse druge strani pa normalno odpira.

Če kdo pozna program dobro prosim za pomoč, kje mu določiti, da tudi to stran odpre normalno. Firewall sem si ogledal venda ne najdem ničesar.

V primeru kupljenega programa, povprašaj prodajalca! V kontra primeru se pa mal (uro, dve....) poigrej z nastavitvami.Kaspersky internet security....
"I bought this product for a very good price from Amazon instead of Norton. It apparently had all the key features and I was particularly interested in Parental Controls as I have young kids using the computer so wanted to block access to sites from their Windows Log-on accounts (a feature that Norton has). Looking at the details on the TREND website it boasts "Advanced Parental Controls - Parental Controls allow you to manage your children's internet activity by blocking Web sites and inappropriate content." In my opinion, there is nothing "advanced" about simply blocking www addresses or only allowing a permitted list of www addresses. This is not parental control but in fact just blanket site blocking (admittedly by keeping a log). What this means is that the sites are blocked to ALL user accounts of the machine. Therefore, as a parent who administers my PC by separate logon account (and locks down my children's accounts) I too cannot access these websites unless I keep turning the web site blocking facility on and then off - assuming I remember each time.
I was swayed by seeing other reviews that the performance of this was good. I suspect that they were referring to the 2006 version of the product and not the 2007 version. BEWARE: The machine now takes longer to boot-up and the first accesses to the web on IE7 take incredibly long. But don't take my word for it, just do a search on the web for "PcScnSrv.exe" and see what the experts say about this task using up memory. I have a reasonably powered machine and a reasonable family - this product although is good, lets down the side in the most important areas - flexibility and performance. Having said that, I am definitely not an advocate for Norton either. So if you do find a good product let me know - I may be binning this one soon if I can't fix the performance! "
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