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*One & Only*
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...'shelters'... welded M-60 Tank windows

...pa se malo vec podatkov o naslednjem umetniskem delu...

SYNTAX was made by welding cast bronze letters and numbers together into a small sphere. Then spaced 4 inches (priblizen 10cm) and then another layer around it and another 4 inches space then the next layer around it

The outer layer is composed of about 5000 letter "trees" each joined by more letters. When the sphere was finished (after 9 months) it was cut into with successively smaller concentric circles shrinking towards the center allowing the viewer to see into the construction.

There are enough combinations of letters to sum up all knowledge. I calculated that we speak about the same amount of letters or numbers each day more or less. about 90% of the letters are not viewable and must be imagined. like the cabala the information is all there for you to unravel. The play of light and shadow is exquisite through the 6 feet lace like bronze.

the visual impact from there is a strong blue green patina that fluctuates with the weather. It is either an indoor or outdoor piece weighing between 2000 and 3000 pounds (ali 900 - 1350 kgs).

..."Syntax" ... bronze

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