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How do I resize my photos?

Picasa can resize photos in two ways: when you export photos or when you email photos.

To use the “Export” feature in Picasa to reduce the image resolution (pixel count) and .jpg compression (image quality) of your photos, just complete these steps:

1. Open Picasa.
2. Select your image and press the “Export” button.
3. Under "Image Size Options" select the "Resize To" button and adjust the slider. Please note that the number of pixels you select with this slider determines the length or height of your photo (whichever is longer). The other dimension will be determined automatically in order to maintain the aspect ratio of the photo.
4. Select the desired image quality for your photo using the "Image Quality" drop-down menu:
- "Automatic" will preserve the original image quality
- "Normal" will balance quality and size
- "Maximum" will preserve fine detail for large file sizes
- "Minumum" will yield some quality loss for small file sizes
- "Custom" will enable you to select your own value

In order to reduce the size (in pixels) of photos you wish to send via email, please do the following:

1. Open Picasa.
2. Click "Tools" > "Options" > "Email."
3. Under "Output Options," set the slide bar under "When sending more than one photo, resize to:" to the desired pixel size.
4. Set the "When sending single pictures, resize to:" option to 'XXX pixels, as above" (XXX will be the number of pixels selected with the slide bar in the previous step).
5. Click "OK."

tkole je pa v picasi...
simpl,a ne ?
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