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Privzeto Re: En učitelj kemije razmišlja o klimatskih spremembah...

With these assumptions? Sure he makes a lot of sense. But presented with only slightly shifted assumptions the conclusion becomes very different:

scenario [1,1] = economical disaster leads into ecological catastrophe due to increased birth rate associated with economical insecurity (think India). The population explosion then brings the world into a permanent state of war.

scenario [2,1] = . The human impact of global warming had been significant and we diminished it. The world is a better place...until the next global cooling period following right after.

scenario [1,2] = No further elaboration needed.

scenario [2,2] = Russian economy picks up not least due to its magnificent tourist industry and the leading role in the world's food production. Canada becomes a refuge for US immigrants escaping formally booming cities like Phoenix or Vegas. Middle east becomes uninhabitable so the war over land stops; oil becomes common property of humanity since nobody thought of running an independent state down there. Canada's west cost streets are lined by palm trees and for the first time the humanity feels like the Golden Age has finally arrived.