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Jas mislim tako,da če bi vsak uporabnik lahko imel na optiki linijo 1000Mbit za promet v Sloveniji.
Glej npr. shemo T-2 omrežja: http://www.t-2.net/podpora/omrezje

Višje hitrosti bodo mogoče, ko se bo nadgradila oprema na hrbteničnem omrežju in mednarodnih povezavah:
1Gbit --> 10Gbit
10Gbit --> 100Gbit

Glej Wiki glede 100Gbit etherneta - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/100_Gig...nd_deployments :

First commercial 100GE trials and deployments

Although 100GE is a commodity interface in 2012 and beyond, it helps to understand the timeline and drivers behind the commercial adoption of technology.

Unlike the "race to 10Gbps" that was driven by the imminent needs to address growth pains of the Internet in late 1990s, customer interest in 100Gbit/s technologies was mostly driven by economic factors. Among those, the common reasons to adopt 100GE were:[33]

- to reduce the number of optical wavelengths ("lambdas") used and the need to light new fiber
- to utilize bandwidth more efficiently than 10Gbit/s link aggregates
- to provide cheaper wholesale, internet peering and data center interconnect connectivity
- to skip the relatively expensive 40Gbit/s technology and move directly from 10Gbit/s to 100Gbit/s

Considering that 100GE technology is natively compatible with OTN hierarchy and there is no separate adaptation for SONET/SDH and Ethernet networks, it was widely believed that 100GE technology adoption will be driven by products in all network layers, from transport systems to edge routers and datacenter switches. Nevertheless, in 2011 components for 100GE networks were not a commodity and most vendors entering this market relied on both internal R&D projects and extensive cooperation with other companies.
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