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Theodor Herzl Appears

A truly charismatic Hungarian-born, Austrian journalist named Theodor Herzl invigorated modern Zionism like a bolt of lightning. After he had witnessed the charade of the Dreyfus trial in France in 1894 and the visceral anti-Semitism that accompanied that event, he wrote Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) in 1896, when he was only 36 years old. The book urged the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine as the permanent solution to the world’s prevailing social and religious discrimination against Jews. With Herzl’s leadership, the first World Jewish Congress met in Basle, Switzerland, in 1897. Herzl died in 1904, at the age of 44, but within the amazingly short time of 51 years since the meeting of the first World Jewish Congress, Palestine was repopulated with more than 600,000 Jews and the State of Israel had become an independent nation.