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Naslov: Vila Čira-Čara
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Privzeto Re: Rogu grozi deložacija

Honourable Mr. Mayor,

In the beginning of March, at the occasion of Slovene presidency, the GUE/NGL political group at the European Parliament organised his study days in Ljubljana. Among many questions dealt during these days, our group visited the former bicycle's factory, currently hosting the ROG social centre.

In our perception, the reality of ROG centre is in line with many other experiences spread all over Europe, where creativity, event's self production, cultural and social activities meet with the contest of contemporary European cities, contributing to the creation of "independent spaces", a social enriching practise.

Direct knowledge of similar experiences in Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain shows that a straight and clear dialogue with local institutions creates positive effects, both for the institutions themselves and for the whole population. The existence of plural and independent spaces represents a value for European democracy; their promotion should an objective of the formal and informal politics, by including this question in all practises at every level.

We therefore believe the experience of ROG centre should be preserved. The only mean to attain this goal is a real and clear confrontation with Ljubljana's local authority. The ROG centre's shutting down will be a negative fact and would determine a damage not only for city of Ljubljana, but also for all Europe.

As Members of the European Parliament, we will continue constantly to monitor the situation of the ROG centre, and we'll promote every possible step aiming at promoting an open dialogue and the successful solution of the whole question.

Best Regards,


MEP Francis Wurtz, Chairman of GUE/NGL Parliamentary group

MEP Luisa Morgantini, Vice-President of the European Parliament

MEP Giusto Catania, Vice-chairman of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

MEP Roberto Musacchio, Head of the Party of Communist Refoundation's delegation at the European Parliament
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